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Dustless Sanding

Have you ever thought of hardwood dustless floor sanding Richmond VA and then shelved the idea? For most people, this is due to the fact that you have to vacate your home of some days to allow the process to be completed.

However, times have changed and we present to your dustless sanding. This is the modern floor sanding technique, whereby there will be hardly any dust that is produced. This is a great benefit as the overall floor sanding process takes a shorter time and you will not have a lot of dust to clean.

Hardwood floors are meant to last and they are designed to bring out the best of your property. Taking care of the floors is imperative and this will make them look clean and classy all through.

The traditional floor sanding method is effective, but the downside is that it can cause a lot of mess. You cannot stand to be in the house when the floor is being sanded as there is a lot of dust produced, which affects the indoor air quality.

Dust Contained

Through our modern technique, we use the best equipment and most of the dust will be contained. This means that the work will be completed in a short while and the process does not have a negative impact on your environment. We are skilled professionals and once you hire us for hardwood floor repair & refinishing, we will be done before you know it. We have become the industry leaders and through our creativity, we have revolutionized this process. We are committed to giving our clients the very best services at affordable rates.

We have the right equipment for the work and our crews are highly trained to handle the equipment and produce stellar results. We will not rest until you are satisfied with the end results. The fact that there will be very little dust in the air gives our crews ample time to work on your floor. In most cases, we have ended up making the floors look better than their initial state.

Experienced Artisans

We take pride in having skilled craftsmen and once you call us to refinish your floor, you can expect nothing but the best. We stand behind our work and we assure you that we will deliver impressive results.

Hardwood floors should last for decades and our work is to see to it that this is fulfilled. We will enhance the aesthetics of your property with the floor sanding and refinishing services.

Our dustless finish is ideal for everyone, including those who suffer allergies and other respiratory disorders.

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Are you looking to have your floor restored through refinishing? Allow us to show you what we can do and you will be impressed by the results. We offer the best hardwood floor refinishing services in Richmond using our dustless sanding process. Contact us to request more information and book an appointment with us. We offer unrivaled services at affordable prices to accommodate all clients.